UncategorisedWorkshop for Sports Medicine Centre held.

September 11, 20194

?Bahrain Olympic Committee’s (BOC) Strategic Planning Office yesterday (Tuesday) conducted a workshop for the Sports Medicine Centre at its premises in Seef.
The workshop was part of the Strategic Planning Office plan aimed at acknowledging all employees of its directorates on the overall strategy of the BOC.
Conducted by Strategic Planning Office director Hasan Abdullatif, the workshop focused on the vision of the BOC, its mission and strategy.
It also presented a number of models and examples, which demonstrated the relationship between the committee’s directorates and the projects, objectives and initiatives.
Among other activities on the workshop agenda was reviewing the implementation schedule of the strategic plan and its requirements, including the strategic objective, time, measurement index, and budget, which in turn prepared the Sports Medicine Centre staff to fill in the forms of strategic plan on monthly basis.


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