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September 11, 20194

The benefits of walking for health, physical fitness and mood were stressed at a dedicated workshop held in Riffa.
This day-long event was organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee’s (BOC) Olympic Academy staged at the Bahrain National Stadium. 
Titled ‘importance and benefits of walking’, was part of the committee’s annual plan to develop national competencies in the field of sport.
It was presented by international instructor Pori Primoz, who presented a number of themes, such as walking, air exercises, mental serenity, functional parts and many other related subjects.
Primoz said diseases spreading is due to the manifestations of luxury, lack of physical activity, lethargy and laziness nowadays, which come as a result of easy way of life in a number of aspects in our lives, such as transportation, escalators, elevators and reliance on office work. He noted that 80 per cent of the teenagers do not have physical capabilities and that one of four is only physically fit.
He said that the World Health Organization recommends physical activity to strengthen the circulatory system and improve muscle strength and motor flexibility. Primoz stressed on physical activity as the only way to raise the rate of fitness.
“Why should we choose walking, simply because it is easy and can be practiced anywhere. It fits all ages and is inexpensive, while the effort does not lead to any noticeable pain or health problems,” he said.
“Walking for just 20 minutes three times a week strengthen heart and circulatory system, thus contributes to the stability blood pressure, which is the first cause of death around the world, and pumps more blood to the heart and reduce weight and reach the largest proportion of oxygen, which leads to adjusting the overall mood and removes stress and brain efficiency”.
In the end, Primus called on to initiate the 10,000- step challenge, which is about 8 kilometers in length. He also offered a range of instructions, such as using ladder instead of elevators, walking to work if it’s close to home, walking in the market, playing with children and other tips.
 Also present were Bahrain Olympic Academy director and international instructor Nabeel Taha, physical education and physiotherapy dean Dr Sadeq Al Alawi as well as representatives of national sports clubs and federations, physical education college students.?


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