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September 11, 20193

?St. Christopher’s School emerged overall champions of the 2017 Mini Olympics, which came to a close yesterday (Thursday). The event was organised by the Bahrain Olympic Committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
Culminating 30 gold medals, 21 silver and 19 bronze for a total sum of unprecedented 70 medals, the winning school finished well ahead of second-placers Kanoo International School (12, 9, 6) and third Al Noor International School (11, 9, 11), who settled for the silver and bronze medals, respectively.
Other schools who made their marks this year were the Indian School, who were fifth overall, sixth-placers East Riffa Boys School, seventh the Sacred Heart School, eighth AMA International School, ninth Hawar International School, while Al Mahd School rounded off the top 10.
St. Christopher’s School completed their outstanding run in this year’s Mini Olympics winning two gold medals, two silver and two bronze in the hockey championships staged at Isa Sports City’s Bahrain Volleyball Association hall in Riffa.
Nine teams competed in three different categories tournaments. In the under-15 boys event, St. Christopher’s ‘C’ team captured the competition’s gold medal following a spirited show as they finished on top of this trio round robin event with 15 points from six matches.
The other two events were an under-15 girls tournament and an under-11 mix competition St. Christopher’s School ‘A’ were second with 10 points, while St. Christopher’s School ‘B’ team were third with 1 point.
In the under-15 girls section, St. Christopher’s ‘A’ team secured the gold medal with 13 points, beating St. Christopher’s ‘B team (8 points) and St. Christopher’s ‘C’ (4), who were second and third, respectively.
The under-11 mix tournament was eventually won by A – Oryx who managed 13 points from six games. Behind them were B – Eagles (11) in second place, with BH Comb (1) third.
Parents and teachers watching commented on the tremendous sportsmanship on display, despite many of the matches being close-knit affairs.  Many of the children participating made tremendous progress having been able to participate in competitive games, spurred on by the glittering medals presented to the podium finishers
On the concluding day of athletics events, St. Christopher’s School dominated the girls events winning the bulk of medals in both the intermediate and secondary stages.
Meanwhile, the curtain came down on the Mini Olympics yesterday (Thursday) with a simple, yet expressive closing ceremony at Isa Sports City’s Bahrain Volleyball Association hall in Riffa.
It was attended by senior representatives of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, the organisers of the event, as well as from co-organisers the Ministry of Education.
One of the aims of the Mini Olympics was to encourage wider participation in sports and, with many players having already signed up for regular coaching as a result of playing, the Bahrain Olympic Committee has certainly achieved their goal.
Athletics (Girls Secondary):
100m: 1. Shinaya (Sacred Heart, 15.18); 2. Dancard (St. Chris, 15.49); 3. Sahar Al Oraibi (Kanoo, 15.84). 200m: 1. Marina Sameer (Al Noor, 30.60); 2. Fatma Safina (Indian, 31.51); 3. E. Abanas (St. Chris, 31.64). 400m: 1. Kasey Price (St. Chris, 1:09.68); 2. Maryan Sameer (Al Noor, 1:15.22); 3. Fatma Safina (Indian, 1:17.37). 1,000m: 1. Kasey Price (St. Chris, 3:46.40); 2. Fahima (5:16.80); 3. Sumaya Mohamed (Bangladesh, 5:30.86). 4x100m: 1. Sacred Heart (1:01.77); 2. Al Hekma (1:02.78.); 3. Indian (1:03.13). High jump: 1. Kasey Price (St. Chris, 137); 2. Maryan Saeed (Al Noor, 120); 3. Alya Salem (115). Long jump: 1. Shanaya (Sacred Heart, 3.80); 2. Karrel Dugami (Sacred Heart, 3.33); 3. Rayana Jean Miranda (Indian, 3.32).
60m: 1. Koko Josi zar (St. Chris, 8.62), 2. Abba Isan (Sacred Heart, 8.91); 3. Dana Al Ajmi (Hawar, 9.25). 150m: 1. Malal Al Sayed (Al Mahd, 19.82); 2. Zahra Mohamed (Al Raja, 21.95); 3. Dana Al Ajmi (Hawar, 22.11). 300m: 1. Solaf Al Jabal (St. Chris, 48.62); 2. Malak Al Sayed (Al Mahd, 49.61); 3. Elisha Manny (British, 50.02). 1,200m: 1. Miley Garbel (St. Chris, 4:28.66); 2. Shayla Feng (British, 4:29.24); 3. Vipa Mahish (British, 4:29.24). 4x100m: 1. Indian (1:01.41); 2. British (1:01.96) 3. Sacred Heart (1:01.78). High jump: 1. Charlotte Rodney (British, 135); 2. Silaf Al Jabal (St. Chris, 132); 3. Manaar Ahmed, (Al Hekma, 132). Long jump: 1. Koko Jesus (St. Chris, 3.93); 2. Noora Al Majed (Kanoo, 3.91); 3. Shaikha Al Majed (Kanoo, 3.82).


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