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September 11, 2019454

?The National Sport Medicine Centre is offering two state-of the-art devices for fat melting, which is part of its strategy to develop its medical services and help injured athletes recover from their respective injuries.Injuries treatment technology, using ‘Human Tecar’, and fat melting machine ‘Physio T.T’, have recently reached the centre since then have contributed to providing treatment services for citizens and expats alike.Dr Khalid Al Shaikh, director of the National Sport Medicine Centre, said the injury treatment device is used for treat muscle pain, modern and chronic joints pain injuries, tendon inflammation, muscle pain, treatment of lower back pain, neck and other injuries.Dr Al Shaikh noted that this particular device was made in Italy and is the only and latest device in the treatment of sports injuries.Dr Al Shaikh added that the device sends electromagnetic waves that affect the blood and lymph vessels, which leads to better blood flow without any side effects.This would achieve impressive results from the first treatment session at the hands of physiotherapy specialists, who have been trained to use it in the Italian city of Milan.As for the fat melting machine, Dr. Al Shaikh said device has one of the latest hardware, and is available in large number of slimming clinics and beauty centers in Europe, where it contributes to speeding up the dissolving fat and get rid of them quickly with some simple home exercises for the targeted area.Dr Al Shaikh added that the device works sends electrical waves that turn to heat, which is one form of energy transformation, as this inner temperature works on melting the human fat.He said that the device is shortens burning fat period and works on losing a lot of centimeters and can be used for all areas of the body, or to a particular area such as the paunch or thighs, arms or buttocks, for those who suffer from having more fat in particular areas.Dr Al Shaikh noted that the device is certified by the medical authorities in Italy and Switzerland, and has no side effects .


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