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September 11, 20191

?The Bahrain Olympic Committee’s Sports Affairs Directorate yesterday started making a number of periodic visits to different sports federation.Programmed visits to all the 26 sports federations that are under the BOC umbrella are scheduled to continue until October 2.According to Sports Affairs Directorate chief executive acting director Hesham Al Beloshi, these visits are part of the directorate plan to improve its ties with sports federations in the kingdom and look into their needs.The visits also seek to make the federations well aware of the required administrative, legal and financial procedures so as to ensures completion of all services provided to them with ease.Al Beloshi stated that the proposed agenda for the periodic visits include the outstanding financial settlements for 2011/2012, if any, outgoing correspondence from the directorate for present adjustments for tournaments of which the association should organise within 45 days from the date of the event completion.The directorate shall also take notes on associations on signing contracts, if any, follow-up collecting contracts of all the staff of the association and how they are committed to the audience and direct their careers, follow-up commitment appointments to regular examination of the vehicles from Toyota Motors and paying traffic fines, if any, remove the old logo of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, oversee the posts plan of the 2014 budget and the need to comply with the specified delivery date and review estimated budget of the association for the year 2014.Al Beloshi expressed hope for the sports associations to show full cooperation with the directorate specialists in order to provide better services to them, besides striving to overcome all the obstacles as to achieve the best results for the nation in international forums.

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