The total headcount of the BOC is 82 people, of which 87.5 per cent are Bahraini nationals. The Human Resources & Administration Department is responsible for developing a robust organisational infrastructure, attracting high-calibre talent, and assessing staff performance to maximise productivity through training and the attainment of professional qualifications. The Department provides staff with career development opportunities, and communicates and engages with employees to maximise job satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, the Department works with other BOC functions, such as the Bahrain Olympic Academy, to provide HR-related advice and support for National Sports Federations and Associations.


The Information Technology Department plays a critical role in supporting the strategic goals and operations of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, the Supreme Council of Youth and Sports, and National Sports Federations and Associations, through provision of the latest ICT technologies. These include tailored software and systems, cloud services, a virtual operating environment, real-time management and monitoring tools, and online platforms and applications. The Department places the highest priority on protecting the BOC’s activities and reputation through the application of best practice cyber security systems, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

The BOC contributes to the development of the Kingdom’s sports community through a number of innovative and helpful technology initiatives. These include the Bahrain National Sports Database, which is an online platform capturing all athletes’ individual details, achievements and awards, as well as showing the results of sporting events.  The Bahrain Steps app was developed to encourage people to take up exercise as a daily habit. This user-friendly app enables them to monitor their progress by reading health and fitness data through mobile devices. In addition, the BOC helps in organising and managing key national sports events such as Bahrain Sports Day and Bahrain Mini-Olympics, through the creation of high-performance websites that automate the registration process.


The Finance Department is responsible for all finance-related activities of the BOC. These include budgeting, planning, financial control, cash flow, payments, procurement, investments and funding; together with the preparation of financial statements.

The financial resources of the BOC comprise the following:

  • Financial support from the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport
  • Donations from individuals and companies
  • Revenues from sporting events supervised by the BOC
  • Publicity and marketing functions for sports activities organised by the BOC
  • Returns on investments generated by the BOC
  • Donations and financial support from the IOC
  • Aid donated by Olympic Solidarity and the Olympic Council of Asia


The overall responsibility of the Corporate Communications Department is to protect the image and reputation of the BOC, raise awareness about its role and diverse activities, and promote Olympic values to athletes and the general public.

The Department’s activities include the following:

  • Internal and External Communications
  • Branding
  • PR and Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Corporate Collateral, including Annual Report
  • Website Content Management
  • Photo and Video Gallery
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Event Management


The primary role of the Sports Project Management Department is to devise and implement strategic programmes for the technical development and enhancement of sport at a national, regional, continental and international level.

Key Responsibilities

The Department is responsible for developing and promoting the following:

  • Olympism and the Olympic Values
  • Young Sports Talent Programme
  • Grassroots sport
  • Elite and high-level sport
  • Gender equality and greater participation of women in sport
  • Long-term preparation processes and programmes for athletes
  • Sports events that support the Olympic Values and BOC’s objectives, including Olympic Day, National Sports Day, School Olympics and Baby Games

Relations with National Sports Bodies

The Department has established close working relationships with National Sports Federations and Associations, and Sports Clubs, through which to provide the following:

  • Consultation and coordination of medium- and long-term sports development strategies in accordance with the National Sports Policy
  • Support for training methodology processes of national teams and young sports talent
  • Evaluation of the level of development and preparation of national sports teams
  • Technical advice and assessment of the training and preparation programmes for elite athletes and young talent
  • Technical assistance for national sports bodies on the training process, and planning and preparation of national teams (Sports Periodization)
  • Continuous coordination with Bahrain Olympic Academy

Regional, Continental and Olympic Games

The Department supports the growing participation of Bahrain in major regional and continental sports events, and the Olympic Games, by providing the following:

  • Technical, logistical and intellectual support for athletes and teams who have been identified or selected to prepare for participation in major sports events
  • Support for the technical staff of national sports bodies in determining requirements to ensure optimal preparation processes
  • Identification of athletes and teams with the potential for achieving a podium presence
  • Evaluation reports on the technical results of sporting competitions, and the degree of attainment of assigned objectives by the technical departments of national sports bodies; and identification of corrective actions to address any discrepancies

Bahrain Olympic Committee

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