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September 11, 20190

?A Level Two National Coaching Program Course concluded recently with 26 coaches taking part.The two-week course was organised by the Bahrain Olympic Committee’s Sports Training and Development Section in co-operation with the Coaching Association of Canada.The course was part of the Sports Training and Development Section annual calendar to qualify national coaches in different sports.Participants have come from different sports associations, national clubs, the Education Ministry, the Public Security Sports Federation and Bahrain Military Sports Federation.They underwent final examination at the end of the course, which featured theoretical sessions. These sessions were conducted by International instructors Ahmed Ali Hafid and Mahmood Yateem, Mohsin Al Ghanim, Ali Al Anzoor and Mahmood Fakhro. The course was sponsored by McDonald’s.The participants affirmed the benefit they have gained from this course, which covered different parts of the practical concepts of coaching, in an attempt to prepare and qualify national coaches to manage their respective teams in different sports.Rana Jassim Mohammed from the Interior Ministry said that the course was extremely beefy with diverse lectures that opened new horizons for them to learn about the latest on modern training science so as to contribute in enhancing their abilities and help them to fulfill the roles assigned to them for the development of sport in Bahrain.Rana noted that their participation in the course has given them the opportunity to make the best use of the information on how to set up fitness programs for different age groups, in addition to knowing leadership skills that hones the coach character that would help him in training.On his part, former international athletics player and present coach at  Kick Off Academy Mohammed Saleh Naji said that the multiple themes which were the focus of this course represents a great opportunity for the participants to expand their expertise and learn new aspects in training process, such as public and private set up of the players, and setting up appropriate training plans for all levels, as well as how to show support for young players.The National Coaching Program started in 1998 as per an agreement signed between the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Coaching Association of Canada, where more than 1,600 coaches have graduated from different courses to start coaching various national sports teams.

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