Bahrain Olympic CommitteeEnglishLab resumes physical tests

July 25, 2019

The Physical Performance Laboratory, which is under the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC), is continuing its pursuit to offer a group of health services for national clubs and teams athletes to conduct various physical tests.
Al Ahli Club players were among those conducting the tests using the high-tech equipment available at the laboratory, which provides precise detailed statistics on the players’ physical conditions, including cardiac and respiratory capacities and functionality, including lungs, heart, circulatory system and muscle cells.
These tests are being conducted by Cuban physician Vladimir Felipe, and managed by the BOC projects department, led by director Lounes Madene.
Lounes stressed the importance of these services provided by the centre, located at Khalifa Sports City in Isa Town, which aim to develop the technical abilities of the athletes and measure their physical potential, thus contributing to the development of their skills and help them make speedy recovery and return to their respective teams.
The physical performance laboratory contains an ECG to detect any abnormal heart condition, measures its ability to exercise. The vo2 max measures the efficiency The heart during exercises, specifically running and getting to know more closely about whether there are heart problems.
The laboratory includes a body composition analysis to analyze the body’s fat, muscle, water and cells, the lower limbs explosive power measurement system, in which the person makes several leaps to measure the lower muscles.

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