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September 11, 20193

?The Capital Governorate is holding a variety of activities during the 2019 Bahrain Sports Day on Tuesday, February 12, at Al Najma Sports Club in Juffair.
Director of information and follow-up at the Capital Governorate Salah Buzaid Al Dossari said their activities will take place over two sessions in the morning and evening, and covering different sports.
In the morning session, there will be running races as well as some exercises for men and women, while everyone can try out the free medical tests at the venue.
Al Dossari stressed that the governorate hopes to achieve the objectives of this day in various aspects, and to promote sport, health and society as a way of life.
He affirmed the governorate readiness to play a major part of this occasion to ensure its success.
Al Dossari called on all citizens and residents in the capital governorate to be active on this days, and stressed that it will contribute to boosting this national sporting event to achieve all aspirations.


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