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September 11, 20191

?Bahrain Olympic Committee acting general secretary Abdulrahman Askar recently attended the Second edition of the GCC Sport and Environment Conference, which concluded yesterday (OCT. 24) in Doha.The three-day conference, held at Doha Sheraton Hotel, received a positive response from the participants from all over the GCC National Olympic Committees.In the opening session on Wednesday,  Dr. Zakaria Al Khanji, a member of GCC Sports and Environment Committee delivered a productive lecture mainly focus on four topics, the conference objectives, sport media and environmental media, education and the school curriculums.Dr. Al Khanji urged the  participants to organize small workshops during the conference  in effort to build  bridges of communication between the sport and the environment, he also called on officials in charge of the sport and the environment to a create constructive partnership serving the community in the  environmental and sport issues.Dr. Al Khanji underlined that TV channels do not give priority to the environment issues, therefore such issues have a marginal concern in the TV news. He urged all GCC media to focus on such issues and promote the community awareness on the environmental improvement.A range of vital topics on the sports and environment were exhaustively discussed during the conference, including a workshop on Sports and Environment, sustainable sport facilities, sports press and EnvironmentOn his part, Askar thanked the Qatari Olympic Committee for inviting him to attend the conference, which he described as a continuation of the first edition conference that was hosted in Bahrain last year.He stressed the importance of the role of sport in securing a healthy environment through modern scientific inventions that rely on solar energy in operating sports facilities.

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