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September 11, 20190

who are visiting Bahrain to review the plans and programs that contribute to the development of sports football in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The meeting was attended by BOC Administration and Financial Affairs Executive Director Jihad Khalfan, Sports Affairs Acting Executive Director Hisham Al Baloshi and Finance Resources Directorate Senior Accountant Mahmoud Ashoori.
From the FIFA side, the meeting was attended by Frederic Guillemont, Dr. Belhassen Malouche, Nodar Al Khakatsi, Majid Al Obwa and Nehad Saqqar.

Khalfan welcomed the visiting delegation and stressed the importance of this visit in promoting cooperation between Bahrain and FIFA for the development of the Bahraini football at all levels.

Khalfan stressed the keenness of Bahrain Olympic Committee to provide various forms of support to the Bahrain Football Association, which is part of the Committee’s strategy to create ideal conditions for all sports federations to play their vital roles in serving sports movement in the Kingdom.

On his part, Al Baloshi reviewed different aspects of financial and administrative support provided by the committee to the national football association in order to boost various parts of the work system in the association. He also gave a presentation of the projects that the committee is planning to process in serving the sports federations, particularly the electronic link with the federations.
Members of the FIFA development office thanked the Bahrain Olympic Committee for their cooperation with the delegation and praised different means of support provided by the committee to the football association in Bahrain.

They stressed the keenness of FIFA’s development office to encourage close cooperation between Bahrain association and relevant authorities to ensure strategic interest to football in Bahrain.

The FIFA delegation also expressed admiration for the electronic link venture, which links between the Bahrain Olympic Committee and national sports associations, noting the positive feedbacks in terms of boosting the efficiency of services provided to the associations and strengthening channels of communication with them, and accelerating the follow-up measures to its financial and administrative affairs.

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