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September 11, 20191

Coaches representing national sports clubs and federations from Bahrain and other GCC countries expected to take part in a Level 4 course, organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee’s (BOC) Sports Training and Development Centre.
The course, which will run from May 22 to 26, is part of the National Coaching Programme with the following theme ‘Introduction to Strength Development’.
A number of points will be brought up, such as evaluating different types of strength in the field and Lab, importance of strength for all sports, different types of strength within the annual plan, advanced methods of strength training using velocity to improve quality and adapting training methods to the development level of your athletes.
Other subjects are weightlifting derivatives and importance in elite athlete development, teaching weightlifting derivatives to surf the curve, planning strength and conditioning methods for the athletes, creating travel solutions for jet lag/travel fatigue, altitude training and training camp considerations for heat and altitude.
Cory Kennedy, Head Strength and Conditioning coach at the Institute National du Sport du Quebec, in Montreal, Canada, is conducting the five-day course, sponsored by Chevron Bahrain and Arabian Gulf Raffle.
Meanwhile, a course on movement analysis, using computer programme ‘Dartfish’ came to a close yesterday (May 19) with 25 coaches from Bahrain and other GCC nations in the fray.
This five-day course was part of the annual plan of the centre in an attempt to develop national sports officials within sports clubs and associations from Bahrain and abroad.
The participants studied means of creating the analysis plan in accordance to their sport by dartfish expert and international instructor Mahmood Fakhro

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