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September 11, 20190

?The Security Officers Club hosted a scientific symposium organized by the Bahraini Anti-Doping Committee of the Bahrain Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Public Security Sports Federation under the slogan “Common Sports Injuries and Banned Doping”.
Anti-Doping Committee Chairman Dr. Hussein Al Haddad conducted the symposium, which was also attended by more than 80 men’s and women’s representatives of the Interior Ministry, most of them were also sports specialists.
 The first lecture focused on the common sports injuries in addition to its types and causes and ways of treatment, as well as reviewing common conditions in detail, such as lacerations, bruises and fractures.
The second lecture highlighted banned doping in the field of sports, under the IAEA Code of anti-doping, in terms of the definition of prohibited substances and methods.
The banned doping were described in detail, while the side effects of each substance were also announced to the attendees.
They also discussed the duties and rights of the athletes and what to be done before arriving to the doping control station. The steps of doping examination  were fully explained, including the procedures and sanctions to be taken in case of proven doping.
Extensive discussions took place in this aspect, where the audience actively interacted with Dr. Al Haddad, whose answers were based on international laws and regulations and long practical experience in this area.
At the end of the symposium, Dr. Al Haddad distributed the guide on sports doping, issued by the Bahrain Olympic Committee, to all the participants.
The symposium was also attended by First Lieutenant Abdullah Al Zaabi, who presented a commemorative gift on behalf of the Public Security Federation  to Dr. Hussain Al Haddad and thanked him for the valuable lectures, which added new information for the participants.

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