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September 11, 20190

Coaches from around Bahrain gave double thumbs up for an initiative to issue an instructional coaching planner notebook to assist them in planning their tactics during training and official match days.
The notebook was issued by the Sports Training and Development Centre, which is under the umbrella of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC).

The notebook can be used to work on the physical part of the athlete, featuring the nervous and muscular system training (speed, balance, consensus, Fitness), endurance and strength exercises, while the skill and tactical side includes tactical methods used by the technical staff.
The publication also contains a mini guide to the viability of the athlete according to his/her age to adapt to the training sessions (training age, biological age, pre-retirement stage).

Khalifa Al Zayani, a veteran football coach, commended the programmes and training workshops thanks to the support of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, and noted that the notebook is one of the significant initiatives aimed to boost the coaches’ training ability.

On his part, handball tactician Ali Al Anzoor said the project reflects the keenness of the Sports Training and Development Centre to develop the coaches performance in implementing his plans and tactics on the field.

Ali Abdulghani, another prominent basketball coach, said the notebook represents an approach to qualify and improve the level of the Bahraini coaches in an attempt to discover new talented athletes and develop their performance.

Volleyball coach Abdulla Isa shared the same thoughts and stressed the importance of such publication, which enables the coaches execute their plans the best way as it has a set of training guidelines by age for both male and female athletes in terms of athletic pace ability, strength, flexibility, compatibility, fitness and basic technical skills.

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