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September 11, 20190

?Bahrain will join the other nations of the World on Sunday (June23) in celebrating the International Olympic Day as the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) is organizing a marathon to mark this occasion.
A special campaign to promote this annual event is scheduled for tomorrow (June 21) at the Bahrain City Centre, featuring a series of sports and entertainment events will be held from 10am to 10pm.
The marathon is scheduled to take place at Dohat Arad Walkway in Muharraq from 4pm onwards. All are welcome to attend and take part.
BOC Corporate Communication Executive Coordinator Fajer Jassim said that the all arrangements were prepared ahead of both the campaign and the marathon.
Fajer pointed out that the committee is always keen to celebrate this special occasion and promote the principles of Olympism in the Bahraini society.
She said that a special section of the Olympic Committee will be set up at the City Centre to promote the Olympic Day on Sunday as well as accepting entries for the marathon and briefing them on the Olympic Movement.
Also during the City Centre campaign, participants will be presented with certificates approved by the Bahrain Olympic Committee, as well as giveaways like t-shirts and hats, and a variety of free gifts for children.
Fajer affirmed that the BOC section will also feature other activities to promote health and its connection to sports, which is one of the noble goals of Olympic Movement, and invited everyone to come and register for these activities.

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