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September 11, 2019383

This came during the committee’s first meeting since its inception, and took place at the committee premises in Seef District recently.
The meeting was chaired by BOC board member, former Bahrain national team sprinter and ex-fastest Arab athlete Ruqaya Al Ghasra.

Ruqaya said that each sports association would name a representative from its committee to be permanently in touch with the Athletes Committee to submit any ideas, complains and needs of the players.
Other issues discussed at the meeting were to allocate a budget for the committee to carry out its programs as well as the overall vision, mission and objectives of the Athletes Committee.

Ruqaya noted that all these thoughts will be submitted to the general secretariat of the BOC in order to take necessary decisions, stressing her keenness to activate the role of the committee to do its part to serve the athletes in Bahrain.

The committee also includes national volleyball team members Hassan Dahi and Mahmood Hassan, prominent Bahraini swimmer Omar Al Malki and cycling team member Aqeel Abdulamir.

Its main task is to activate the athletes role through the development of programs, projects and activities that contribute to the development of the athletes sector, as one of the main pillars in the sport system.

Al Ghasra won the chairmanship of the Athletes Committee with four votes against Al Maliki’s one vote, while the committee membership was won by Hassan (6 votes), followed by Dahi, (5) and Ameer (4).

Both Al Ghasra and Al Maliki secured their seats in the committee for being able to represent Bahrain in previous Olympic Games.


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