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September 11, 20195

The Applied Science University today (Tuesday) will host a seminar on this year’s edition of Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa Scientific Research Award in the field of sports.
The seminar is part of the cooperation between the Bahrain Olympic Committee, the organisers of the award, and the university to promote the second edition of the award, which is open to participants from all around the Arab world.
ASU president Professor Ghassan Fuad Awad is patronising today’s seminar, which gets underway at 3pm, and will be also attended by members of the administrative and academic bodies of the university and its students.
General Secretary of the award Dr Abdulrahman Sayyar said this award aims to build a well-educated society in the field of sports based on a national strategy, which supports community partnership and distinguished applied scientific researches.
The Bahrain Olympic Committee pays great attention towards the scientific aspect in an attempt to develop sports in Bahrain.
Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa Scientific Research Award in the field of sports is one of those aspects and focuses on competitiveness and excellence in several themes, such as a sports management, sports training, sports medicine.
The award, in its second edition, also aims at promote positive attitudes towards scientific research to create knowledge and contribute to the development of sports movement.
Among main objectives of the award is to encourage experts and researchers, locally and regionally, to conduct applied scientific research to develop sports movement and improve the level of performance in all areas of sports.
The award targets all experts, researchers and sports-related authorities as follows: Youth category (Local), aged between 18 and 25 years.
Researchers category (Local, Arab), aged from 25 years and above with research in the following areas: 1. Sports Management, 2. Sports Training, 3. Sports Medicine.


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