Bahrain Sports Federation for Disabilities

Name: The Bahrain Disabled Sports Federation (BDSF)
Founded: July 14, 1987
Address: Isa Sports City Hall D, Riffa
Contact numbers: Phone: 17789191, Fax: 17789299

In 1979, a sports committee was formed at the Bahrain International Mobility  Centre. As the number of players with different disabilities began to rise, there were calls to set up a sports federation to manage national teams on the domestic and global levels.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Mohamed bin Duaij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa - President
Jasim Salman Al Sindi - Vice President
A. Razzaq Zainuddin - General Secretary
Ali Mohamed haji - Treasurer
Jassim Jamal Al Bardooni - Member
Ali Mohamed haji Al Nabhan - Member
Dr Aisha Rashid Al Amer - Member
Mohamed Husain Al Nami - Member
Ahmed Khalid Al Oraifi - Member
Ahmed Hasan Al Buainain - Member
Sara Al Shawi​ - Director​ 

Objectives of the BDSF:
1 – Support and develop disabled sports, and enable the disabled athletes to perform a proper sport.
2 – Participate in local, regional and international competitions.
3 – Provide an opportunity for the disabled athletes to merge with others in the community.
4 – Set up recreational programs for athletes with disabilities and their families.

Beneficiary category of the BDSF:
Athletes who are able to perform in different disability categories (mobility, visual, auditory, mental). Approximately 1000 athletes with disabilities benefit from the federation programs in addition to a large number of families of people with disabilities in Bahrain.

Sports that are supervised by the BDSF:
1. Football for the hearing impaired and cerebral palsy.
2. Disability Athletics.
3. Goalball for players with visual disabilities.
4. Para Table Tennis.
5. Wheelchair Basketball for people with physical disabilities.
6. Wheelchair racing for people with physical disabilities.
7. Girls basketball for people with intellectual disabilities.
8. Swimming for people with intellectual disabilities.
9. Equestrian for people with intellectual disabilities.
10. Bowling for people with hearing disabilities.
The BDSF has contributed to the foundation of the following sports federations:
1 – Arab Disabled Sports Federation.
2 – Special Olympics for people with intellectual disabilities.
3 – The GCC Disabled Sports Organizing Committee.

The BDSF is a member of the following international federations:
1 – The GCC Disabled Sports Organizing Committee.
2 – Arab Disabled Sports Federation.
3 – Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association.
4 – International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
5 - Special Olympics for people with intellectual disabilities.
6 - International Wheelchair Basketball Federation.
7 - International Blind Sports Federation.
8 - International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation

Most prominent achievements of the BDSF:
1) The federation has contributed to support disabled sports by providing coaches for national centres.
2) Bahrain was chosen as premises of the GCC Disabled Sports Organizing Committee for four years since 1992, and was renewed for an extended period until 2003.
3) Bahrain was named main premises of the GCC Special Olympics.
4) The BDSF organizes many sports tournaments to prepare cadres in disabled sports at the local and the GCC levels.
5) The BDSF organizes local competitions for different categories of disability.